House In The Balance:
WV Delegate Elections 2014

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The following is not a poll of voters, but the result of a research assignment  for students in two political science classes. Their task involved examining the 100  House of Delegate races and the more than 170  major party candidates. As part of this assignment students studied a number of variables including voter registration, past electoral history, a candidate’s political experience, community involvement ,fund raising and  social media before making their predictions.

Each student has had a strong incentive to be accurate since fifty percent of their grade is based on the accuracy of their predictions.  The goal is to get students interested in government, appreciate the complexities of the current electoral process, and be more willing and ready to assume leadership positions in the future.

I am not aware of a similar undertaking by students at another college or university, and I am very proud of their commitment, enthusiasm, and professionalism for such a large and difficult task.  

Dr. Robert Rupp

West Virginia Wesleyan College


"Disclaimer:  This site is a project of the political science classes, POLS 210 and POLS 497 at WVWC.​ All information contained within was found online and may not be accurate, complete, or up to date.  Corrections are appreciated and can be sent to web supervisor at Nothing in this site should be taken as an endorsement of any candidate or any outcome."